January 2018

on January 29, 2018
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Wow, is it the end of January already? I feel like it was just yesterday we were celebrating New Year’s! How is everyone doing with your resolutions? Personally, I don’t really make New Year’s resolutions. I feel like I never keep them and always end up feeling defeated. A couple years back, I started making monthly goals instead. That way, if I don’t/can’t stick with it, there is always the next month. I just don’t check it off my list and carry it on over to the next month. It doesn’t have to always be “New year, new me!” Each month is a brand new chance to start over fresh. So, if you started strong in the gym and didn’t quote follow through, don’t give up! You can still be successful at whatever you have set your mind to!

“Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365- page book. Write a good one” -unknown 

What were my goals for this month? Of course there is the typical “lose weight” that most women have on her list. I’m no difference. It is no secret I have always struggled with my weight. I’ve always had BIG goals, and I feel like that is what deters me from reaching them. So, this month I wrote down “lose 2 lbs.” Simple enough. I’m one to get discouraged easily when I do not have major results immediately. I guess it is because I am part of that “instant gratification” generation. I feel like working towards 2 lbs is much easier than working towards 20 lbs. And… this month I was successful!! Yay for 2 lbs. It is not much, but it is a great start to me! Once KB starts school in the fall I will be able to start going back to the gym. Charles works for Nissan. We have free gym access. The only downfall is, it does not have childcare. With his crazy work schedule it is nearly impossible for me to make gym time, too. As soon as both girls are in school from 7:30-2:30, this mama is getting in more than her 2 lbs!

As for my other goals: Keeping the sink empty. I’ve always preferred to have a full load in the sink before loading the dishwasher. That way, I know exactly what all I need to fit in and how I am going to play tetris with everything. This drives Charles absolutely bonkers. So, in an effort to be a better wife I am going to try things his way. We will see. This month, I failed. Thursday, it’s game on!

January was an especially fun month for the girls. C got an unexpected 9 day weekend thanks to some heavy, to us, snow! Normally, TN gets just enough to say “it snowed” You can imagine how excited everyone was to have enough to play in. Charles and C went outside and played for the longest with the neighbors and Luke, our 90 lbs German Shepherd. KB decided that the cold and wet yuckiness was not for her. She chose to stay in and sip on some yummy hot chocolate while big sis played in the snow with daddy.  By the second weekend both girls were completely stir crazy and C was more than ready to go back to school!

Home sweet home, Snow, January, Murfreesboro, Mommy blogger, Mom blog


Home sweet home, Snow, January, Murfreesboro, Mommy blogger, Mom blog, german shepherd

January was a big month for C at school! She earned the Character award for her entire class! This basically means that she was sweet, thoughtful, caring, and an over all good kid. Good grades make me happy. I love that my girls are learning, but knowing they are good people is what I strive for each and every day. On top of receiving the character award, C has improved her reading skills so much over the past 6 months that she is no longer in tier 3 reading help, but has now graduated to tier 2! This is a HUGE deal! I nearly cried when I saw the paper work. She has always struggled with reading. Math and science? She blows it out of the park! Reading just isn’t her strong suit. Her report cards always have her marked as “A” for “approaching grade level. This time around she was marked as “O” for “on grade level.” This doesn’t mean they are going to take away her assistance, or quit on her, just that she now doesn’t need as much help as she did before. I’m so unbelievably proud of this little girl. She works hard, pushes through her struggles and tears and just does it! I know she will one day do great things. Hey, she’s already a great person. That is the best start!

KB’s month wasn’t quite as eventful. We stayed in a lot and worked on schooling. She is really starting to grow and show her kindergarten readiness. This sweet little girl loves to learn and completely absorbs everything I teach her. She is always so eager to please. We worked on counting to 20, she can make it to 17 on her own, saying the ABC’s with out singing them, and multiple craft projects. Both of my girls love crafts like their mommy. She’s currently setting at the table coloring birthday cards for practically everyone she can think of. If any of our friends and family randomly get birthday cards in the mail weeks-months before your actual birthday, just know that KB was thinking about you!


December recap-

Listening: Music means so much to me. It directly reflects my heart and soul at that time. This month I am really feeling a couple of songs. I listen to a wide genre of music. It all depends on my mood at the time. Right now it is Taylor Swift- Reputation, Ed Sheeran- Perfect, and Florida-Georgia Line- meant to be. Reputation is that spunky upbeat song you can jam out to in the car. I love Taylor’s sass and confidence in all she does, writes, and sings. I am a hopeless romantic. I love being in love and doting on my husband. We are that grossly in love couple that should be out of the honeymoon phase after 9 years, but aren’t. This is where perfect comes into play. Charles and I were just kids when we fell in love, and although he drives me crazy part of the time, he really is the perfect one for me! Then of course there is Florida Georgia Line featuring BeBe Rexha. I am in love with her voice. It’s smooth, sultry, and sexy all in one. I jam out to this every time it comes on and horribly sing along at the top of my lungs.

Eating- Like so many others, I received a pressure cooker for Christmas. This baby is life changing! My crock pot is such a thing of the past now. A new post is coming soon with all of my favorite pressure cooker recipes this far!

Drinking- water water water!!! I accredit my 2 lbs loss to how much water I have been getting in. Sometimes I feel like my eyes are floating, but it is completely worth it. I have also started experimenting with essential oils. A couple of drops of a few of my favorites first thing in the morning really curb my appetite and make me feel refreshed and ready to go for the day!

Wearing- Well, my Christmas leggings are packed away, but that doesn’t mean I’m out of leggings. Oh no! 24/7, 365, leggings are my bff!

Feeling- This is the hardest part to update. Most of this month was great. But two days weren’t my shining memories. It never fails. I will be doing so well, on cloud 9 so to speak, then depression and mood swings come out of left field and knock me on my tush. I have been soaking in an essential oil mix called “valor” that a dear friend made for me. It seems to help and smells heavenly. It was just one of those two days where everything seems to pile up and go wrong and you feel like you are drowning and failing at everything. Thankfully with my meds, oils, breathing, and some great friends and family I was able to pull out of it seemingly as quickly as I fell down the hole.

Weather- This month has been CRAZY! We have been below zero, had snow, then went as high as the low 70’s. Okay mother nature, you pranked us. Can we please hurry up and get to spring already! This mama is ready for spring dresses, sandals, and florals!

Wanting- I went and got a very sentimental tattoo for myself this past week as an early birthday present. I had my dad write “Love Dad, xoxoxo” for me. I went and got his handwriting on my right foot. I will forever treasure this and think of him every time I see it.

Enjoying- The beautiful weather we are having right now. It is getting up into the 50’s this week all before the snow and dreaded ice hit again this weekend. TN weather is so unpredictable. I’ve learned to love and enjoy it while I can, and stay bunkered down at home during the rest.

“Take time to make your soul happy” -unknown 


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