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February 2018

on March 1, 2018
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Wow! Another month down. February was insanely busy with Girl Scouts. Here in the Nashville area, this is peak Girl Scout cookie season. My little Daisy/Brownie troop of 11 (13 now) girls hustled those cookies! We had a lot  of really great booth spots (cough, cough, KROGERS!) and some spots that were definitely more lesson learning opportunities. Over all my first-year troop sold just shy of 1800 boxes of cookies of our 2500 box goal. I think I was a little over ambitious as a first time troop leader. Either way, I am super proud of these girls. They worked through the hot, the cold, the pouring down rain, and the mild sprinkling, all with very few complaints. With some more careful booth choices on my behalf, I think we can reach that 2500 goal next year.

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On top of having a fabulous first cookie season, my girl scouts also were trained in the art of Victorian tea etiquette. We had the wonderful Raina Van Setter come by and teach the girls the proper way to hold a tea cup, eat finger foods, and set like little ladies at a tea party. It was a huge hit. All of the girls loved smelling and touching the different types of tea Raina brought and learning her vast array of knowledge!

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It is safe to say that Girl Scouts took over our February in the best way possible. It was such a wonderful month with so many positive lessons learned.

Carley had a very eventful month on her own. She entered her very first science fair and we made a paper mache horse for all of her Valentine’s Day cards. Originally, we had planned for her to make an interactive volcano that we found inspiration from on Pinterest. We had all of the supplies on hand and the project was going to cost $0.00 to make. What an awesome blog post, I thought. In girl scouts I was planning to teach the girls about recycling next month (coming soon!) I was super excited to incorporate that into her science fair project. Then, paper mache happened. The boxes we tried to re-purpose into the volcano supports weren’t quite strong enough. The paper mache paper we chose (packaging paper from an amazon prime delivery) was a little too heavy. In the end, her volcano was sunken in and not quite at all like the inspiration I had found for her to recreate. No worries, onto the next project…. A solar system! This project wasn’t quite as budget friendly as the previous, but Carley still rocked it! We found an old blocks box that wasn’t being used in the play room. The only thing we had to buy was the solar system balls. Thankfully, Walmart is open 24 hours and just 15 minutes away! Charles did the drilling in the box, I ran the wire and hung the planets after they were dry. Carley did all of the rest. She really loves all things science and she really shined with this project.

Solar system project, second grade, science fair

On top of her science fair, Carley had a daddy daughter dance with Charles and Kenzie. The girls picked out their prettiest and frilliest dresses, we did hair and make up, and they were treated like princesses for the night by their daddy. I called around, just hours before, the dance in hopes of grabbing them up corsages to add a little extra something to their outfits and make them feel special. I received quotes of any where from $25-$45 EACH. Oh no no no! Not in this house! Off to walmart I went, again. For just $3.99 I grabbed up a beautiful pink bouquet of little flowers. I added a little floral tape and some wire (the same wire that was reused in the science fair project), a help of a friend, and boom. We pumped out 3 corsages and had enough materials for a good 5 more… all for about $15.

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Both girls had a blast and slept in extra late the next morning.

Kenzie’s month wasn’t quite as exciting as Carley’s. She spent the month with an awful ear infection. We go March 5th for her third set of tubes. Hopefully, this will be her final set. She has suffered through so many ear infections in her short little life. She’s had MRSA, staph, regular ear infections, and now ecoli…. in her ear!!! We spent this month concurring the letters A-D and counting to 15. I went with a friend to Costco a couple weeks back and got Kenzie a brain quest pre-k workbook. This has by far been her favorite book. It breaks things down and doesn’t get too advanced for her too quickly. I think we will be all ready for kindergarten in the fall!

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As for me, I have some pretty exciting news! Last month I touched on New Year’s goals and resolutions. I was very proud of my 2lbs I had lost. This month was even better! I discovered the Keto way of eating. What is Keto? It is a high fat/ low carb diet. Whaaa? does that mean bacon? Yes! lots and lots of bacon, cheese, avocado, sausage, and other healthy fats and high protein meals. We have now subbed out regular milk for unsweetened almond milk, gotten all unhealthy carb rich food out of our house, and I have started baking and cooking a whole lot more!!! This way of eating has completely changed my life for the better. I feel amazing, I’m losing tons of weight, I’m still enjoying some really yummy food. So, I don’t feel like I am missing out on “junk” what so ever. I do, however, really really miss orange juice. Fruits, although super nutritious, are very high in carbs. Once I get down to my goal weight I will reestablish fruits into my diet. Until then, Charles and I are both keeping our carb count under 20 grams a day. I have read several studies about women with very similar health histories and medical reactions as mine being able to completely go off of their meds with this way of eating. Every aspect of it makes me hopeful for a better and healthier future. I love that Charles is so on board with it and is being the best support system! I am down 19 lbs in the month of February alone!

Listening- I am in love with the new Luke Bryan song, I believe all people are good. This really speaks to my heart and as naive as I may be, I believe the same. So many of the lyrics are spot on. Don’t go by the nightly news or you will lose your faith in mankind. There is so much hate and horror in the world and the news just amplifies it. Watch your children play… see a child share a toy with a little kid of a different ethnicity. They see no color. They know no hate. They see a friend. We can learn so much from children.

Eating- Bacon…. so much bacon. Sausage and cream cheese mixed together have become a favorite. I will soon be doing a post on Fathead pizza dough. oh my yumminess. It is delicious.

Drinking- We have given up cows milk and all things sugar. To get in plenty of electrolytes, I have been drinking a lot of powerade zero.

Wearing- I am down to a very comfy size 18 pant. I started in a tight 22.

Feeling- really good. Staying busy and feeling like I have purpose really helps with my bipolar disorder. My husband feels like I take on too much with girl scouts, wedding planning, volunteering, home schooling, etc… The busier I am, I feel the healthier I am mentally.

Weather- Ha is this a joke? The weather in the south has been crazy this month. One weekend we are bundling up in multiple layers freezing our tushes off. The next weekend I am debating whether or not to let the kids wear shorts. I can’t wait for spring to come and stay.

Wanting- a Kitchen aid mixer!

Enjoying- life. I am now 28 years old. I am a mother to two amazing and beautiful little girls. I have the most supportive and fantastic husband I could ever hope for. I have an amazing support system of local friends that I love like family. I am one insanely lucky lady.


How my girl scouts earned their use resources wisely and make and make the world a better place petals in one meeting!

on February 22, 2018

February is a crazy busy month for Girl Scouts in the South. My troop of Daisies and Brownies pushed through nearly 10 booths and sold almost 1800 boxes of cookies this year, as a first year troop! To say I am unbelievably proud of these girls is an understatement. They concurred the snow, the cold, the hot, and the wet (welcome to Tennessee, right?) to sell these boxes. My girls concurred their fears of talking to people and several of them shined like little rock stars who clearly have futures in advertisement!  In addition to all of the cookie booths, we had our regular bi-weekly meetings.

Earning the use resources wisely and make the world a better place petals are incredibly easy to knock out in one meeting with a lesson on recycling.

make the world a better place, recycling, girl scouts, troop leader, two in one meeting, easy petals reduce reuse recycle, girl scouts, use resources wisely, make the world a better place, easy, two petals in one meeting make the world a better place petal, two petals in one meeting, make the world a better place petal, reduce reuse recycle petal,

Like every meeting, we started out with the Pledge of Allegiance and the Girl Scout Promise. Not only do these instill wonderful characteristics and morals in the girls, it is a small way for them to work on their magenta (respect authority) petal as well. To earn both of these petals in one meeting we talked to the girls about what exactly recycling is and how it helps the environment. All of the girls were super intrigued. Next we played an amazing recycling game I found on Pinterest.

Use resources wisely petal, make the world a better place petal, reduce reuse recycle, two petals in one meeting, girl scouts

This game was such a hit with all of the girls. Our original idea for this was to collect actual trash for them to sort into recycling boxes. This idea was quickly exed when we thought about how much trouble and the level of grossness sorting everyone’s trash would bring. Being a troop leader should never be difficult or gross. This game was an excellent replacement. We printed off the free printable, cut everything out, and labeled it within minutes. The hardest part was cutting out the little circles of trash. Thankfully, I have amazing girl scout parents who are always willing to jump in and help whenever I need them to. The girls took turns drawing their “piece of trash” piece and sorting it where they thought it belonged. The girls who are our stronger readers worked on their yellow (Friendly and helpful) and Violet (be a sister to every girl scout) petals during this activity by reading the recycling bin labels to the other girls. It is such a wonderful thing to be able to watch my girls grow in becoming better and stronger little ladies through girl scouts. They are always so proud to show off new reading and other skills they have learned with one another.

After everyone had had a few turns we got down to the glue and sticker filled messy craft project. All of our meetings include at least one activity, one arts and craft project, snack, and opening and closing activities. We keep it simple and try out best to stay on a schedule. Sometimes this happens, sometimes we set back and laugh at ourselves for expecting it to happen. As long as the girls all have fun and learn something we just wing it and go with the flow.

I don’t know about your girls, but every girl I have ever met LOVES bracelets. This carries right on over to girl scouts. They are always asking to get into the beads and string to make friendship bracelets for one another. I love how their bonds have grown to want to do this. Many of my girls who were complete strangers when they met have become very close friends through girl scouts. But, where do all of those bracelets go? I had been keeping all of my own daughters’ in ziplock baggies. I wanted a more personalized option. Off to where?…. Pinterest I went! I came across a wonderful post to make egg carton jewelry holders.  I first reached out to friends and neighbors to see if anyone had a collection of egg cartons lying around. Thankfully, one of my girl friends had a huge stash she was willing to part with. We had a lot of the materials on hand- markers, stickers, glue, paint, etc… but a quick trip to the dollar tree added even more stickers to our stash. Kids love their stickers!

On art projects, I like to give the girls the directions, and set back and see what they create. We have some very creative and art-loving girls in our troop. We also have a few that prefer to keep it more simple and dont like to get their hands dirty. So, the results were very diversified. Some of the girls planned to keep their jewelry boxes open. Those girls chose to decorate the inside of their boxes primarily. Others chose to decorate the outside. There were tons of stickers and a vast variety of beautiful decor among them. I loved seeing all that they came up with.

reduce reuse recycle, make the world a better place petal, use resources wisely petal, girl scouts . egg carton jewelry box

After everyone was finished, we cleaned up, had snack, and did the girl scout friendship hug. Both of my girls have their jewelry boxes setting on their dressers and proudly use them over their wooden much nicer ones. They are so proud of what they created themselves.