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February 2018

How my girl scouts earned their use resources wisely and make and make the world a better place petals in one meeting!

on February 22, 2018

February is a crazy busy month for Girl Scouts in the South. My troop of Daisies and Brownies pushed through nearly 10 booths and sold almost 1800 boxes of cookies this year, as a first year troop! To say I am unbelievably proud of these girls is an understatement. They concurred the snow, the cold, the hot, and the wet (welcome to Tennessee, right?) to sell these boxes. My girls concurred their fears of talking to people and several of them shined like little rock stars who clearly have futures in advertisement!  In addition to all of the cookie booths, we had our regular bi-weekly meetings.

Earning the use resources wisely and make the world a better place petals are incredibly easy to knock out in one meeting with a lesson on recycling.

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Like every meeting, we started out with the Pledge of Allegiance and the Girl Scout Promise. Not only do these instill wonderful characteristics and morals in the girls, it is a small way for them to work on their magenta (respect authority) petal as well. To earn both of these petals in one meeting we talked to the girls about what exactly recycling is and how it helps the environment. All of the girls were super intrigued. Next we played an amazing recycling game I found on Pinterest.

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This game was such a hit with all of the girls. Our original idea for this was to collect actual trash for them to sort into recycling boxes. This idea was quickly exed when we thought about how much trouble and the level of grossness sorting everyone’s trash would bring. Being a troop leader should never be difficult or gross. This game was an excellent replacement. We printed off the free printable, cut everything out, and labeled it within minutes. The hardest part was cutting out the little circles of trash. Thankfully, I have amazing girl scout parents who are always willing to jump in and help whenever I need them to. The girls took turns drawing their “piece of trash” piece and sorting it where they thought it belonged. The girls who are our stronger readers worked on their yellow (Friendly and helpful) and Violet (be a sister to every girl scout) petals during this activity by reading the recycling bin labels to the other girls. It is such a wonderful thing to be able to watch my girls grow in becoming better and stronger little ladies through girl scouts. They are always so proud to show off new reading and other skills they have learned with one another.

After everyone had had a few turns we got down to the glue and sticker filled messy craft project. All of our meetings include at least one activity, one arts and craft project, snack, and opening and closing activities. We keep it simple and try out best to stay on a schedule. Sometimes this happens, sometimes we set back and laugh at ourselves for expecting it to happen. As long as the girls all have fun and learn something we just wing it and go with the flow.

I don’t know about your girls, but every girl I have ever met LOVES bracelets. This carries right on over to girl scouts. They are always asking to get into the beads and string to make friendship bracelets for one another. I love how their bonds have grown to want to do this. Many of my girls who were complete strangers when they met have become very close friends through girl scouts. But, where do all of those bracelets go? I had been keeping all of my own daughters’ in ziplock baggies. I wanted a more personalized option. Off to where?…. Pinterest I went! I came across a wonderful post to make egg carton jewelry holders.  I first reached out to friends and neighbors to see if anyone had a collection of egg cartons lying around. Thankfully, one of my girl friends had a huge stash she was willing to part with. We had a lot of the materials on hand- markers, stickers, glue, paint, etc… but a quick trip to the dollar tree added even more stickers to our stash. Kids love their stickers!

On art projects, I like to give the girls the directions, and set back and see what they create. We have some very creative and art-loving girls in our troop. We also have a few that prefer to keep it more simple and dont like to get their hands dirty. So, the results were very diversified. Some of the girls planned to keep their jewelry boxes open. Those girls chose to decorate the inside of their boxes primarily. Others chose to decorate the outside. There were tons of stickers and a vast variety of beautiful decor among them. I loved seeing all that they came up with.

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After everyone was finished, we cleaned up, had snack, and did the girl scout friendship hug. Both of my girls have their jewelry boxes setting on their dressers and proudly use them over their wooden much nicer ones. They are so proud of what they created themselves.