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October 2017


on October 17, 2017

Hello, hey, hiya! My name is Brittney. I am a sarcastic, frugal-loving, craft-doing, hubby-doting, bipolar, stay-at-home-mom of two amazing little girls. I am a 90’s baby who loves all things DIY. I am a hopeless romantic that is madly in love with my husband of almost 9 years.

Charles and I met when I was the ripe old age of just 18. We married just 5 months later- 1 week after I turned 19.

We were your typical young and broke newlyweds That first year consisted of lots of corn dogs, ramen noodles, and frozen pizza while we weighed the pros and cons of me going back to work. Once we welcomed our first born in September of 2009 we knew that me being a stay-at-home mom was what was best for our family.

But how?
We tightened our budget. I learned meal prep, I planned out meals for 1-2 weeks at a time, I consignment shopped for C’s clothes, I discovered couponing, and we learned to get creative with our family outings and date nights. We were determined not to have our children raised in daycare by strangers.
In 2013, we brought home our 2nd daughter-KB.


Now, more than ever, my frugality was important to the livelihood of my SAHM status. Now, I had not two, but four little arms wrapped tight around me needing me to never leave them. Being a mom is the most amazing, heart-quivering, fulfilling, and terrifying job on the planet. There was no way I wanted to miss a single second of it.
In September of 2013 Charles got a new job! This meant relocating from Montgomery, AL. to Murfreesboro, TN. leaving behind friends and all of his family, and leaving all my girls had ever known. We packed our entire 1600 sq ft house, drove 5 hours, and crammed it all into an 800 sq ft apartment. All for a better life. Charles no longer worked 7 days a week, 12 hours a day. We had time together as a family. We may have been all alone, but at least we had each other. Plus, we had amazing schools and this beautiful state to call home. The only downside was now we had apartment rent to pay as well as a mortgage we left behind in Alabama. I met and became friends with lots of other SAHMs. They introduced me to home school preschool- an alternative to costly daycare.
After two years in TN we left our apartment and built a house- our home sweet home. We no longer had to store things in every nook and cranny, and financially we were comfortable. Charles finally got put on day shift, which meant even more time together as a family. The girls were happy and thriving, everything was perfect- or so it should have been. I had always struggled with my emotions- extreme highs, dark lows. Deep down I always knew that it wasn’t just PMS or typical mood swings. I went to the doctor and my fears and thoughts were confirmed. I have bipolar 2. I felt defeated, life a failure, worthless, and a burden to my family. I didn’t understand how someone with such an amazing and perfect life could be so unhappy. Was it my childhood? Was I just born this way? Regardless, early on I committed to not let it consume me, to not let it break me, and to fight it every single day so that I can be the best and happiest me for myself, my husband, and my girls. Because, at the end of the day, every day, that’s what they deserve. So that’s me. I’m Brittney. I love my family. I love DIY and crafting. I love saving my family money whenever I can. All while I manage my bipolar disorder.

“Nobody said it’d be easy. They just promised it would be worth it.” -Anonymous